You may have noticed there have been a bunch of posts over the last few days…

We’re trying to get some essential things over from Patreon to this blog, so yesterday Raymond worked incredibly hard to get a whack of posts that relate to duplicating products here in anticipation of a duplicated product I have planned for a few days starting tomorrow. Thank you, Raymond, you awesome husband!

You may also notice in the “resources” tab we’ve moved the link to all the duplicated posts so you can find them on Patreon. Right now, most of them are still pointing over to Patreon as it’s a huge task to copy it all over here and ensure the links are all working and such, so that might take a while. All the duplications from December 2017 onward are here on this blog.

And I added another preservative write up to the blog in the midst of all of this – Euxyl PE 9010 (Patreon exclusive) – so I hope it doesn’t get lost!

I know there are some people who get overwhelmed by too much information, so feel free to ignore anything that has a step in it as I’ll be referring back to them as we work through the duplication this week.