Welcome to February 2019!

Wow, January flew by so fast, I barely noticed it was here! Thanks for joining me here on the blog for another month!

I’ve been doing a lot of work for the free Learn Cosmetic Formulation Course we’re offering right now, and I realized how much fun I was having creating it and how important I think it is to learn these skills and concepts.

For a while now, I’ve been banging on that finding a formula is only the start and how important it is to understand the process and why we do what we do, so I’m declaring February to be Learn to Formulate February! I’ll be sharing all kinds of information about the skills I think necessary to formulate safe, stable, gorgeous products along with loads of chemistry and formulas to help you hone those skills. We’ll continue with Formulating Fundamentals Friday along with all kinds of things for creators of all experience levels!

I hope you’ll share your thoughts about what’s made you a better maker and formulator throughout this month and all the things you’ve learned along the way! Novice or veteran, we all have something to share when it comes to making awesome things!

It’s also the 10th anniversary of the blog on February 28th, which is super exciting! (I had posts before that, but this is the day I decided it would be a blog exclusively devoted to making bath & body products.) I’ve been digging into the past to take a look at what I used to do then and what I do now, and I’ll be sharing some of that stroll down memory lane.

One of my big changes is that I call what I share formulas instead of “recipes”. 

And you may have noticed Melinda Wolff-Foster is back with her series, Let’s Talk Pets with Melinda as she starts a series on canine cosmetology! She’ll be joining us on the 15th and last day of the month with new parts of this series every month! Yay!

I encourage all of you to check out the member-to-member super happy caring & sharing post for February. We really do have such an amazing community here!

Another plug for the completely and utterly free Learn Cosmetic Formulation course I’m offering with Perry of Chemists’ Corner and Jane of Making Skincare! I’ve written three units for module 3, and I have at least 4 for module 4 coming up soon!

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Let’s talk about formulating! How long have you been making products? What have you learned? What would you like to share with others on the same journey? What excites you? What baffles or confuses you? Share your thoughts!