Weekend Wonderings: Using liquid extracts, freezing butters, and using different preservatives!

In this Weekend Wondering post on using extracts, Karen asks: Hi Susan. I was wondering if using liquid oil soluble extracts would they be included as part of the oil % phase or water phase? 

If something is oil soluble, you put it with the oil soluble ingredients. If something is water soluble, put it with the water soluble ingredients. But check with your supplier about the temperature range for those ingredients! If they can’t be heated, they go into the cool down phase regardless of being oil or water soluble!

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In this post – Heating, holding, freezing & thawing our ingredients – Leman asks: I realise this is an old post. Just wanted to ask if I can freeze butters like shea and cocoa? 

There are no old posts! And yes, you can freeze them!

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In this post – Preservatives: How do they work? – Anonymous asks: When making the scrub, why did you choose to use phenonip instead of germaben plus? Curious. Cheers

Phenonip is a paraben based preservative, and they are more suitable for oil based or anhydrous products. As much as I love liquid Germall Plus, it isn’t suitable for products that don’t contain water.

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