We are upgrading so there may be some log in issues…

We hate Patreon as much as you do, so we are in the process of upgrading security of the store and creating a new way to log into paid posts. Raymond has been working non-stop since last week’s chaos, and he hopes to be done by Thursday afternoon.

What this means is you may not be able to get into some posts while this is happening, but when it’s done, there’ll be more security and more stability for everything. And we won’t have to rely on the incredibly unstable and beyond frustrating Patreon any more! Yay!

When it’s done, I’ll share it here, on Patreon as a post and a message, and on Facebook.

Thank you for your patience with all of this. We really appreciate all your feedback, and encourage you to continue to share your thoughts with us. If we don’t know what’s going wrong, we can’t fix it!