Various & sundry things: Moisturizing for baldy heads, link to article, and the freezing point of urine

I am so bored lying here on the couch on my heating pad as my back pain continues. I went for an epidural on Saturday and have a second scheduled for this upcoming Saturday, but it’s still too painful to stand for more than a few minutes or sit for a while. I have another massage scheduled for Thursday, thank goodness! I don’t know what causes it or why it started again last Tuesday, and I’m so frustrated as there are so many things to do and I’m stuck on the couch not doing them. (I have issues with spasms as you saw with my arm. I also get Botox in my face, head, neck, and shoulders for the same reasons.)

I thought I’d share a few things I’ve read over the last week with you, random things that caught my fancy while I’ve been hopped up on painkillers and muscle relaxants. This gives me an opportunity to see how I can write using Word Press when travelling.

I love reading Nathan Rabin’s Happy Place and I support him through Patreon. He mentioned the other day in this post, To Moisturize or Not Moisturize?, that his hair dresser suggested he should moisturize his head after shaving. This is a good idea, but you don’t need to spend loads of money on fancy head moisturizers! This is what I wrote as a comment on his site…

If you shave your head with a conditioner, you’ll get all kinds of moisturizing after you rinse, too. This is thanks to the positively charged or cationic emulsifier that makes up the main part of this product, something named behentrimonium methosulfate or behentrimonium chloride or something with that -trimonium or -dimonium suffix. When you rinse, it forms a molecular thin film that moisturizes your skin or hair all day. My husband swears by face shaving with the conditioners I make, and told me to tell you to try it. You don’t need an expensive one, things like Suave will do. Or just use any lotion, body butter, facial moisturizer, and so on to moisturize. If you like it, try it. Your head skin – scalp? – is just skin and anything will work.

You can use any lotion or conditioner you find in my blog for this purpose! If you’re a shaved head kind of person, also remember you need loads of sunscreen, too!

My latest article about emulsifiers has just come out in Handmade Magazine! Or click here to find links to most of my articles in that magazine!

Have you ever wondered what the freezing point of human urine might be? The answer is around -5.6C or 21F, but there could be some variability based on the concentration of urea. It’s a humectant, and can lower the freezing point of water. We don’t suggest you pee on your car or road to defrost it as that would be very strange indeed!

Raymond and I were having a discussion about this as it’s very cold out today with snow in the forecast, and sometimes our neighbourhood can have a urine-y kind of odour as we are surrounded by farms.

Just a few thoughts brought to you by boredom and codeine! 😝

What strange things catch your interest? What makes you wonder? Share your thoughts in the comments!