Update on the locked posts thingie…

As I mentioned, Raymond is working on a new system for membership and locked posts that will allow us to move away from relying on Patreon for locked posts. He’s been working non-stop today and still needs to do a few things, but it won’t be ready today for a few reasons. The main one is his brain is overloaded and he needs time to make sure everything is working well when he can concentrate better. The second one is he’s teaching our youth group tonight as I’m still not able to sit up or stand for more than a few minutes and he has to get everything ready for fun with henna!

As of right now – Thursday, April 5, 3:40 pm PDT – the Patreon plug in is working, but that could change, and that lack of stability is why Raymond is working so hard.

If it isn’t all ready tomorrow, I’ll share my planned post on the Patreon feed on the Patreon site and let you know about it here. Thanks for your patience.