Troubleshooting formulas

If you’re having a problem with a formula I have written on the blog, in the e-zines, in the e-books, or in a class I’ve taught, I’m happy to help you work through them. I need as much information as possible to be able to figure out what’s gone wrong and what I can suggest to fix it.

Please note: I will not offer support for other people’s formulas. Please write to the creator of those recipes directly.

I need your exact formula – not the one from my blog, but what you actually did – in percentages along with the exact process. I need to know things like how you mixed something, for how long, what order you made things, how long it’s been since you made it in hours or days, and anything else you think I might need to help further. I need to know what fragrance or essential oil you used, too.

If you don’t include everything I need to help, I won’t have time to do a back and forth with you to get that information. That isn’t to say I won’t write back for clarification about certain things, but you really need to provide all the information you can so I don’t have to do more work than necessary.