The December 2017 e-zine is here for my Patreon subscribers

I’m so excited about the December 2017 e-zine available to $10 Patreon subscribers all about oils & butters, something I’ve called Emollients you will love: new oils & butters.

Click here to see the table of contents.

It runs a whopping 60+ pages this month, including descriptions of oils & butters, updated oil chemistry, and new formulas using these lovely ingredients.

As well, I’m offering the newly updated oil and butter comparison charts, something not available on the blog any more. (See more about why I removed the charts in this in this post…)

As well as well, you get a 12% coupon for discounts for Lotioncrafter good for the month of December! (Thanks, Lotioncrafter!)

On top of all of this, all Patreon subscribers have access to the Patreon feed and my new blog, which you can find here, including duplicated formulas.

Thanks so much to my Patreon subscribers for supporting this blog and keeping it ad free, sponsor free, and affiliate link free!