Sorry for not posting, open thread link, and fragrance ideas!

Hi everyone! I’m sorry for not posting the last few days, but I’m in a lot of pain with the muscle spasms and even holding my iPad up to type is too much for a post that requires links and such. I am doing everything I’m supposed to do, and it is getting better, but it’s still a bit much some days. Raymond is taking good care of me and Sasja – I know how fortunate I am to have him – and I’m sleeping better. I’ve been into Vancouver twice this week for medical stuff, and I think the 90 minutes each way drive yesterday is taking its toll today. Thank you for all your suggestions, and keep them coming.

Don’t forget there’s an awesome open thread happening, which you can find here – open thread for February – and there as some great discussions happening. I had planned to add a new one each month, but that one is just so good!

I didn’t realize it was St Patrick’s Day, so now that I know, I thought I’d ask you about your favourite green fragrances. One of my favourites is one my best friend created – 1 gram lime essential oil with 1 gram eucalyptus essential oil – which has to be the greenest smell I know! It’s like a punch in the face with a fistful of leafy greens, which is much nicer than it sounds. What are your favourites?

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