Share your thoughts: How do you keep track of your formulas?

In the December Q&A, Terri asked: My question is about recipe management and keeping ingredient inventories low but adequate to cover a given time period. I have been using a digital cooking app called Living Cookbook to create recipes and ingredients because it allows me to quickly scale them and create a shopping list when it’s time to order supplies. I’m curious to know how you and others manage recipes and inventory management. There are a whole bunch of cooking apps out there, and I wonder if there is one that is a clear winner in streamlining and simplifying this process.

I’ve been using a program called Paprika for my iPhone and iPad,which works with my Macbook Pro, too. (Here’s the link for Android.) The only problem is that my formulas are mixed in with my food recipes, which is annoying. I wish I could have two copies of the program – one for formulas, one for food. But maybe I could do without the food entirely? I mean, what’s more important, right?

A post from Lifehacker on Paprika

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Kimberly commented: Terri – What a great idea! My only recipe management is binders full of info. Many many binders. I never thought of cooking apps. I own SoapInventory, a program which allows you to keep recipes as well as ingredients in a searchable database. I also have an essential oil database system that I purchased; it runs on a database app for iPad/iPhone (can’t remember app name offhand). Lastly I have various apps for herbal & herbal remedy info. I wish I was smart enough to combine all of these.

Terri commented: Kimberly – Thanks for the information! I did a search on “soapinventory” software and found a website that I’m going to explore. The search also turned up software called SoapMaker 3, which has both Pro and Lite versions. It will be interesting to see how these options compare and whether Susan or anyone else can add additional input.

As a note, I found this site called Soap Inventory that might be helpful. (Is this the one Kimberly mentioned?) I signed up for it, but I don’t have access yet. The creator, Dean Wilson, has a Patreon page to support this free program. I’ll update this with my experiences with this software.

Hmm…seems like there’s an app idea in here somewhere…

I have a lab notebook that contains all the work I’ve done in the last five years, and I have a binder for all the manufacturer’s information I find. I have the notebook you see at the top of this post for lists of ingredients, and I have another in which I do all the rearching, so they’re cross referenced. I’m using a database program Raymond found to inventory my ingredients. But I’d love to have most of this in one place.

How are you organizing your recipes, formulas, ingredient information, and more? Please share your thoughts! 

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