My duplicating process – overview

I’ve had this post on the Patreon site since I started it in July 2016, but I thought it was time to bring it over to the new blog!

What are the steps for learning how to duplicate a product?

1. Obtain a complete ingredient list, preferably with INCI names.

2. Look at what each ingredient brings to the product. 

3. Figure out what’s really important and what’s there for label appeal.  What’s essential to the chemistry and safety of the product, and what’s there to sound pretty?

4. Figure out how much of each ingredient to use.

4a. Figure out where the 1% or lower line might be. Ingredients must be listed by how much is used, with the first ingredient used the most, the second the second most, and so on. But when we get to 1% or less, ingredients don’t need to be listed that way, so we have to figure out where the line of 1% or less starts. Preservatives and fragrances are almost always in that category.

4b. How do you know how much of each ingredient to use? Learn what the suggested usage rates for the product might be as well as the safe as used rates.

5. Create a starting formula in percentages and try it!

6. Make the recipe, then tweak it to get the skin feel and viscosity you want.

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