Membership FAQ update: You receive the e-zine for the month for which you subscribed, not all the e-zines I’ve written

Thank you so much for subscribing to the blog! I have to clarify a few things about being a $10 member as people aren’t noticing where we’re shared it in three different places.

Being a $10 subscriber won’t get you access to every e-zine I’ve ever produced. If you think about it for a moment, it doesn’t really make sense you could just subscribe for $10 once a year and get $120 worth of e-zines in one go, and would be really unfair to those people who have been here every month since July 2016.

If you are a $10 subscriber, you receive the e-zine for that month as part of your subscription. You won’t be able to download e-zines from previous months even if you have the code because – as I say in the e-zine posts every month – those are for people who were subscribers that month. If you were a subscriber in June 2018, you can use the code for the June 2018 e-zine. If you weren’t a subscriber that month, you can’t use the code.

If you’re a $10 subscriber, look for the e-zine around the 25th of the month. Please note, we don’t send you the e-zine. We share a post here that has a coupon code you can use in the store to receive the e-zine for free. I try to have that post linked in the pinned posts’ section you’ll see to the right, but I didn’t get that up in August on the day we offered the new e-zine.

This is a picture of last month’s e-zine that I’m using to break up this big block of text.