Member exclusive post updates…

As we get away from Patreon, we have to get all those posts you would have found over there over here, which is a giant pain in the bum, I can tell you! I will be copying and pasting them over on the date on which they would have appeared over there, so it’ll be hard to see that I’ve done anything. To that end, I am updating this page so you can see where we are in the process.

You can see the Patreon duplicating post page here, and I will be updating those posts as we go as well.

June 2017

June 8, 2017: Member exclusive Q&A: Why don’t we alter a formula when when we use a liquid versus powdered ingredient?

June 9, 2017: Member exclusive Q&A: Why do my Dead Sea salts get wet when I add EO/FO?

June 18, 2017: Member exclusive Q&A: How to use many extracts in a product?