Making a lovely cucumber-y facial lotion

We’ve been taking a look at creating cucumber body butters over the last few days in response to the absolutely ghastly HGTV homemade cucumber body butter. I thought before we finish this series, we could make a light, lovely, fresh cucumber facial lotion. I know it’s not a body butter, but this cucumber seed oil and cucumber hydrosol I have is just too amazing not to use in a lotion!

There are so many formulas on this blog alone for facial moisturizers, but I thought we could take a look at making one using Aristoflex AVC as a cold emulsifier. If you wanted to use cucumber hydrosol here, you could use up to 10% in place of the distilled or reverse osmosis water.

88% distilled or reverse osmosis water, slightly heated to around 100˚F or 45˚C
2% panthenol (liquid or powder)
3% propanediol 1,3 or glycerin
0.5% allantoin
5% cucumber seed oil
1% Aristoflex AVC
0.5% liquid Germall Plus

Add the ingredients in order, mixing after every addition with a stick or immersion blender or high shear mixer.

Some people have said they find Aristoflex AVC a bit sticky. If this is the case for you, omit the glycerin and try adding 3% Penstia powder at the end using a high shear mixer. Take a look at how to use this in this formula – pumpkin spice latte lotion with Penstia powder – or take a look at this members’ only post, how to add Penstia powder to our products.

You could also use MicroSilica Spheres (INCI: HDI/Trimethylol Hexyllactone Crosspolymer (and) Silica) used at 2% to 10% at the end of the product. You can see in this primer formula from Lotioncrafter, they add 6% by mixing into the end of the phase, something you can do by hand as it’s easy to incorporate. And they use 6% in this C&E Intensive Serum, too. I’ve found 6% is a nice level for this ingredient, but you can start at 2% and work your way up if you’re worried you might not like it. You can find these at Lotioncrafter.)

You could also try using something like silica microspheres, which I get at Windy Point Soap, as it absorbs oil and offers a ball bearing type feeling to products. I’ve used 3%, which is nice, but you could go higher if you wanted.

Or you could use something like cyclomethicone or dimethicone as the oil in this formula and make a sort of make-up primer.

We could make this formula – Gigawhite & Vitamin C moisturizer with Aristoflex AVC – by simply substituting 5% cucumber seed oil for the 2% tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate and 3% squalane. Or we could substitute 10% cucumber hydrosol for 20% of the reverse osmosis or distilled water.

And if you wanted to make this formula on a budget, consider using powdered cucumber peel extract 0.5% added to the heated water so it can dissolve nicely, and use any oil you wish in place of the cucumber seed oil. Or use up to 10% liquid cucumber extract! Or try using an oil soluble extract at up to 3% in the oil phase.

Any formula you really like can be altered to include either this oil in place of any other oil soluble ingredient or this hydrosol in place of another hydrosol, liquid aloe vera extract, or water.

What have you been making? Share your thoughts in the comments!