It’s too hot to craft: Summery floral gel

I’ve never really thought of myself as a floral kind of person, but it turns out I really love rose, rose geranium, and gardenias far more than I thought. This is what inspired this “It’s too hot to craft” summery floral gel using lovely hydrosols and waters gelled with Sepimax ZEN. I’ve been using this on my skin to offer a lovely fragrance and a bit of cooling in the hot summer months.

81.5% rose water (Voyageur Soap & Candle) or rose geranium hydrosol (Windy Point)
10% chamomile hydrosol
5% calendula extract (liquid)
0.5% liquid Germall Plus

3% Sepimax ZEN

Into a container, weigh the rose hydrosol, chamomile hydrosol, calendula extract, and liquid Germall Plus. Mix together, then sprinkle the Sepimax ZEN over top and let sit for eight hours. Mix well with a fork, then put into a lovely jar or tube and enjoy! Or you could sprinkle the Sepimax ZEN over the liquid, then start mixing it with the beater of a hand mixer for about ten minutes to thicken. It will be slightly thinner this way, but still a lovely gel.

Why use rose water? Because it smells pretty, and it might help soothe skin. (I’m afraid I can’t find much about this in any of my textbooks or other science-y places, other than it smells nice.)

Chamomile extract or hydrosol contains all kinds of lovely things to reduce inflammation and transepidermal water loss. Calendula extract also offers anti-inflammatory properties and soothes inflamed and chapped skin, which are awesome any time of year.

Feel free to substitute extracts or powders you like in this gel. I like powdered chamomile extract, which you could use at 0.5% by dissolving into the liquids before adding the gel. Powdered green tea extract would be nice at 0.5%, too. Just make sure you like the colour of these extracts before adding as they will alter the colour from this slightly beige colour to a deeper brown or green.

Cucumber extract might be quite nice as it will offer some soothing and hydrating. Try 0.5% powdered extract or up to 10% liquid extract.

Remember, when you add something to a product, you have to remove something to make sure it totals 100%. So if you add 10% liquid cucumber extract, you have to remove 10% of something else, usually the thing in there the most, like the rose hydrosol or distilled water. In this case, you’d have 71.5% rose hydrosol and 10% liquid cucumber extract. 

You could use another gelling agent instead of Sepimax ZEN here as we don’t have a ton of electrolytes that might mess up the viscosity. Sepinov EMT 10 would be lovely and offer a more creamy looking gel, and Ultrez 20 would offer just about the same thing as ZEN without the waiting.

Follow the instructions on this post on making an oil free hydro-gel with Sepinov EMT 10 to modify this floral gel.

Follow the instructions in this post on making toners with Ultrez 20 to modify the floral gel.

I know you’re going to ask, so I found the lip balm tubes for this gel at Windy Point Soap in Calgary, Alberta. I only bought six of them, but I’ve used them all for gels and targeted treatments you’ll see over the next few weeks. They are just as awesome as you think they look!

Please note, I offer the information on where to get supplies or packaging to be helpful to you, my lovely readers. These are not sponsored posts or affiliate links. I get nothing from no one if you click through and buy something from them. Having said that, I absolutely adore Tammy, Michele, and Jen of Voyageur, Windy Point, and Lotioncrafter respectively as people, and I love these companies.