If you’ve purchased an e-book or e-zine, when will you get it?

Please note, if you have donated for e-books or purchased an e-zine, I send them out Monday through Friday, 9 am to 5 pm Pacific Standard Time, except for Canadian holidays, via e-mail as an attachment. If you’ve purchased or donated outside of those times, I will send your materials to you by e-mail on the next business day. Sending these to you is not an automated service: I have to receive notification from PayPal, which may take a minute or it may take a few hours, then send it to you by e-mail. 

If it’s past 9:30-ish am PST and you haven’t received it, please check your spam or junk folder as things with attachments may end up there. If it still isn’t there, me sending it again may not solve the problem, but I’m happy to try. Please just write me a quick note from the e-mail address attached to the PayPal account and let me know which one I should try sending again. Commenting on the blog, messaging me or commenting on Facebook, or messaging me or commenting on Patreon won’t help as I can’t send you an e-book that way. 

I appreciate so much that you’ve donated for an e-book or purchased an e-zine, but I’m human and I need a break away from the screen so I don’t burn out. We are working on a few ideas to make this more automated, but this is still a while off. In the meantime, know that if you received confirmation from PayPal of a donation or purchase, I have received notification, too, so you don’t need to send me your receipt. These notifications go into a mailbox on my laptop and I send them out in the order in which they were received as per the times above.

For more than seven years now, I have sent out these materials when I’ve received notification from PayPal, which means I’ve been on call day and night, at work or at home, away on vacation or out with friends, every single day including holidays. I’ve found wifi when I’ve been camping and responded while sitting at my mother’s bedside in the hospital.

In recent weeks, I’ve noticed a new and more intrusive phenonmenon: People writing to me repeatedly on Facebook messenger as well as sending me multiple emails and commenting all over the blog asking about their e-books. It is very distressing to wake up to 10 messages in many different formats from the same person. (This has happened three times in as many weeks.) I get that you want the e-book and you want to make sure I received the notification from PayPal and I want to send it to you right away, but I can’t do that if I’m sleeping.

Please have some patience for those of us running one-woman or a few-woman shows as we need down time, too. (If you knew how many of us did work while in the bathroom, you’d be shocked!) 

As always, thank you so much for your support and interest in what I do! I really appreciate it. I just can’t be on call all hours of the day and night and retain my sanity.