I need your help: I’m not kidding about shiny things that distract me…

I admit it – I’m easily distracted by new equipment, new ingredients, new formulas, and shiny things, which means I will start a series and never finish it because something else jingled its keys at me, and I went off a’runnin’! I’m spending the next week or two going through the Q&A sections to see if I can find questions you asked that I didn’t answer, and looking at the more than 300 draft posts that I’ve started, then left behind. (I’ve found two complete posts this way so far!)

I’ve been trying to get to sharing some of the different mixers I’ve been using over the last year, but then I bought a viscometer to measure viscosity and that would be such helpful information when testing them, so that fell by the wayside for a bit. And I’ve been collecting new pH meters to share with you (like the one up there).

If you are someone who asked a question in the Q&A section for subscribers and I didn’t answer it, could you bring it to my attention by sending me the link to where that might be? I hate to ask you to do more work, but it’s the only way I’ll get back on track.

If you stumble on a series or a few posts that said something like “join me tomorrow for…” but tomorrow never came, could you share the link to those posts in the comments here so I can figure out where to find them again.

I’m trying to figure out how to track and plan what I’d like to write or formulate for the blog, and how to track the formulations I made ages ago but needed to observe before sharing with you, and so far the best answer seems to be a giant piece of paper on which I write things. (But then again, we get talking about shampoo bars, and before I know it, it’s three weeks later.) I tried using a bullet journal for a while, but it was taken over by an attempt to inventory new ingredients. I do have a really cool Jibun Techno day planner that I need to use more often, but it’s also a casualty of the shiny things.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on how to stay better organized and how you resist the lure of the shiny thing! And thank you for your patience with me!