How to navigate this blog

If you’re looking for the things that used to be on the side of the old blog, we’re in the process of moving them into the “resources section” you see in the menu above. Right now we have the FAQ as the main page, the newbie section’s now called “start here“, and the ingredients list can be found in the “ingredients” section. We are working on a section for lotion fails and another for pH, as well as so many others that aren’t up yet, like emollients or hair care. Those sections can still be found on the old blog, but they won’t be updated beyond December 31, 2017, as we try to update things over here.

This is a long work in progress. Raymond is doing his best to move things over, but it’s taking time.

I can’t post things to the top of this blog feed as people weren’t scrolling past the “Welcome to February” post from February 2nd, so I’m not sure what the best way to find information might be. We’ve started a “pinned post” section you’ll see to the right, and we are working at getting the archived months back in that column. Overwhelmingly, you said you liked the cleaner design, so we’re trying to work with that.

I’m wondering if you are one of those people finding the new blog confusing or hard to navigate, could you please take a moment to write to me or comment as to what is difficult so we can figure it out? I can’t make changes if I don’t know what to change. This isn’t about the Patreon feed as we all know that one is difficult; it’s about this blog on this site.