Handmade Magazine articles

I realized I haven’t posted any links to articles I’ve written in Handmade Magazine for a while, so I thought I’d share all the ones I could find to share here! I absolutely love writing about the chemistry of everything from hair care to essential oils to sunscreens, and I hope you enjoy reading about them!Substitutions for silicones (July 2018)

Benefits of aloe vera (June 2018)

Shampoo bars: Should you go solid? (May 2018)

Fresh food in personal care products? Things to consider (April 2018)

Formulating gentle shampoo products (March 2018)

Oh, Canada! Canadian trends (February 2018)

Emulsifiers? How do they work? (January 2018)

Tips for a successful group fundraising (November 2017)

Degreasing and de-odourizing cleansers (October 2017)

Comparing preservatives (with chart) – September 2017

Solubilizers (with chart) – August 2017

The chemistry of hair care (May 2017)

Proteins in our products (May 2017)

Chemistry of bath bombs (April 2017)

The science of scent (March 2017)
All about natural (February 2017)
The chemistry of colour morphing (January 2017)
All salts are not the same (November 2016)
Understanding the vanilla villain (October 2016)
Fatty acids and rancidity (September 2016)
Science of SPF (August 2016)
Facemask fails from Pinterest  (July 2016)
Substituting oils in cosmetics & soap (June 2016)
Understanding pH balance in products (May 2016)
How do emulsifiers work? (April 2016)
Choosing a preservative (March 2016)
The science of citrus (February 2016)