Discussion: What’s your signature when formulating?

I swear I shared this with you in another post, but I couldn’t find it, so please indulge me if you’ve heard it before. 

A few years ago, a cosmetic chemist contacted me and said he could always identify my formulas as I have a very strong signature, in this case that I use certain ingredients at certain percentages in a variety of products. I said I hoped this was a good thing, and braced myself for the answer. It was a very good thing, he said, which made me skip around the house for a few days singing little songs I wrote as sang them about how a cosmetic chemist complimented me. (Yes, it was just as annoying as it sounds, but when you’re happy, you’re happy!)

Last year, I grew concerned that a fellow blogger might be using some of my formulas without permission. They were altered slightly, but not enough to eliminate my signature, which made it abundantly clear to me this was a super great thing!

In my conditioners, I almost always use 2% cyclomethicone, 2% dimethicone, 2% panthenol, 0.5% liquid Germall Plus, and 0.5% fragrance oil. In body butters, I love to combine kukui nut oil and babassu oil for a light, less greasy, silky skin feel. (I mentioned this in last week’s discussion on oils & butters.)

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What’s your signature and how did you arrive at it? It could be a combination of ingredients, a unique way of doing things, a way you write formulas, or a skin or hair feel you love. Or it could be something entirely different! Share your thoughts!