Discussion: What’s your favourite product to make? What’s your least?

This is a hard question for me as I really love making so many things so I have to think for a bit…

Okay, I think my favourite thing to make is body wash. I love figuring out nice surfactant combinations, working with humectants to hydrate my skin after bathing, adding cationic polymers like polyquat 7 or honeyquat to condition skin, and working with thickeners. I get super happy when I can make something that works with the weather – less humid days call for more humectants and more emollients – or with a specific skin type. I like that I can make them cold, and they’re ready to use them seconds after I make them. And I love using them in the shower. I just love everything about body wash!

I guess by extension I like shampoo and facial cleansers, too.

Is it weird that I feel I’m betraying lotions and conditioners by saying I love body wash?

Here are a few I like. If you do a search for body wash, I have 30 pages related to this topic. Did I mention I love body wash? ‘Cause I do!

Miracare Soft 313 body wash from a few days ago

Moisturizing body wash for all skin types, especially dry

Japanese themed body wash

Formulating a body wash for dry skin

My least favourite is anything that has has to be mixed to hydrate, like hydroxyethyl cellulose as that’s the one that trashed my arm. I held the very heavy hand mixer in place for an hour, and the worst part is that it never hydrated properly! Something like this needs to be very well preserved as it is a dream come true kinda feast for gross little microbes.

I didn’t preserve this at all as I was so annoyed about it not working well and about hurting my arm, so this is the result. Had I preserved it with 0.5% liquid Germall Plus, it would have been just fine.

So today’s discussion question is – what is your favourite product to make? What’s your least favourite? Share your thoughts in the comments!