Discussion: What’s the best way to store ingredients?

In the Patreon February Q&A, Tash asked: When you get ingredients, what’s the best way to store them? Obviously liquids will be in bottles or the thick bags with spouts, but for powders, pellets, dry stuff that comes in bags, how do you store those? Is it best to get some kind of sealed jar? Are the press seal/snaplock bags they come in okay? And what about those where there is no resealable bag? I’ve been rolling the tops over tightly and pegging them, but I’m concerned I could be mucking up my nice ingredients for lack of proper storage.

I have a few thoughts, but I’d love to hear from you, my lovely readers!

This is my eternal struggle as I’m such a messy person, but I do have a few ideas…

  1. I put my oils into the fridge or freezer almost immediately as the clock is always ticking on rancidity. Ick! (Read more about that in this post…)
  2. If the bag isn’t a ziploc top type thing, I will put the product into one to prevent a mess as well as clumping if they’re sensitive to humidity. (I live in a really humid place.)
  3. I double bag a lot of powders, especially powdered extracts, and pop a little thing of silica in the outer bag.
  4. I have a shelving system in which I put my storage bins. I have different ones for different categories of ingredients – surfactants, oils & butters, powdered things, “exotic chemicals” (which is where I put anything that doesn’t have place), silicones & esters, and more.
  5. I am moving to jars for some of my powders so they’ll stack easier. I have so much stuff, I often forget what I have, and I think having them in nicely labelled jars would be better than bags of white powder all over the place.

*Question: Where can you get silica? I save the ones that come with shoes and electronics, but I’d like some bigger ones. Fun fact: Silicas are humectants so they draw water to their packages instead of your products!

What do you think? Share your thoughts, links, and media in the comments below!