Discussion: What piece of equipment are you hankering for?

I have two things I would love to own – a mixer that I don’t have to hold and a magnestic stirring hot plate.

The magnetic stirring hot plate would do two things – stir and heat, which would be awesome. You get a little metal capsule, which you put into the beaker, then it moves around stirring everything while you have your hands free.

There aren’t a million uses for the stirring part – for instance, trying to get the always annoying hydroxyethyl cellulose to thicken, something that trashed my arm in September as I held a hand mixer for an hour – but the heating part would be good for everything that needs, you know, heating.

The other thing is an overhead stirrer, like the ones you see here at Amazon. I have a lovely Kitchenaid stand mixer for those larger batches, but when I’m making 100 or 200 grams, this would be the perfect way to stir so I can go off and do something else.

I know you can get them for as low as $290.00 or so, but that’s a lot of money!

Please note, these aren’t affiliate links or anything like that. They’re just links to Amazon as I found the things I wanted there. 

What piece of equipment – including glass ware, meters, thermometers, and more – are you hankering for in your workshop?