Discussion: How do you sanitize your workspace before formulating?

In the January 2018 Patreon Q&A post, Sima asked:  How do you sterilise your equipment such as pyrex jugs, beakers, spoons, spatulas, workbench etc before making a product?

Can I start by saying I think it’s lovely that anyone would think I would know anything about being tidy given the state of my workshop? I really am an incredibly messy and disorganized person at times – what you see in this picture would be considered tidy by my standards – but I’m all about the good manufacturing process and sanitizing our workspaces as we need to start as clean as we can.

Before I start creating, I spray my workspace with denatured alcohol. I have a glass thingie you might use in the kitchen – I honestly cannot think of the name for it at the moment – that I have ony workbench. I wash that and spray the space under it. (My workshop bench has some tiling stuff we used on the floor of the bathroom. I can’t remember the name of that stuff, either. I think I might be a little tired today.)

I spray my utensils, mixer beaters, smaller mixers, and containers with alcohol, too. I keep a little container of alcohol in a cup so I can clean my mixers while I’m creating.

Ideally, we’d be wearing goggles and gloves, have our hair tied back, and so on, but I admit to being quite lax about this for a number of reasons, including the fact that I have muscle spasms in my head so strong that I have to get Botoxed every two months. (Wearing my hair in a ponytail or wearing goggles hurts quite a lot.)

As an aside, I don’t really think we need goggles for non-soap making activities as it’s annoying, not dangerous, if you get some lotion in your eye. When you’re working with any strong acids or bases, like AHAs, sodium hydroxide, potassium hydroxide, and so on, please wear goggles. 

As for packaging, assume your bottles and jars are clean when they come from the supplier, so make sure you’re storing them well. (There’s a great discussion about packaging going on in this post, so check that out!)

And check out this post on organizing one’s workshop. (This is my daily struggle!)

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