Discussion: How do you get your splurge on?

Over the last year, I’ve gone on a few spending sprees and at least one jag – never a good idea when I’m full of muscle relaxants and codeine, but at least I get to formulate with new things, right? – and I find myself in possession of at least 400 new ingredients. Some of them are affordable – new emulsifiers and thickeners – and some…well…are a bit on the less affordable side. What are some of your favourite expensive ingredients?

I love love love babassu oil! I know I’ve said this a thousand times, but I really think this solid oil is heaven in a jar! So silky and non-greasy! Okay, it’s only $12 a pound, so it’s not super mega expensive, but it’s more expensive than coconut oil, so it counts!

I’m in love with the split end complex (Formulator Sample Shop) as it makes my hair feel light and airy instead of weighed down. It’s $12 for 2 ounces, so that counts as spendy to me!

And I have to have argireline for my targeted treatments. At $15 US for 15 grams, it may be the most expensive thing I buy, but it’s worth it!

Oh, and I forgot oil soluble egg hydrolysate. ($9.75 for 2 ounces), which is a great inclusion in anhydrous products and hair care products. I’ve been using it in my lip balms, and I think it’s making a difference to my poor chapped lips!

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How do you get your splurge on? What are your favourite expensive treats?

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