Discussion: How did you get started making products?

What’s your origin story? How did you become the awesome crafter you are today? What were some of the things you made?

I’m sure you’ve heard this story from me before…

I was offering a free craft program at the library, and really wanted to make bath bombs. I’d made them quite a few times, but I thought a test run with a smaller group was warranted. It all went really well – except the part where one of the girls stole all the money from my wallet – but when we pressed them out of the silicone mold, they were just pretty piles of loose sand. What went wrong?

I took to the Internet and found an amazing site, the Dish forum, where I not only found the answer to my question, I found post after post about making products, and I was hooked!

The answer to the problem is that it may have been the wrong kind of citric acid – hydrous versus anhydrous – or it may have been a particularly dry day and the mixture needed more witch hazel or alcohol, which led to experiments using oil as a binder. These are so much better for my climate! Woo!

My curiosity about this fail changed my life! I found the Dish forum, read everything I could, made everything I could, then read some more. I also learned to be okay being wrong or making mistakes because look at what I learned!

Here’s a lengthy post I wrote last year about bath bombs, solubilizers, and Natrasorb bath.

So what’s your story? What led you to this amazing craft? Share your thoughts!

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