Discussion: Have you had a product morph over time?

I’m trying to do some writing for the blog and e-zine, and I thought I’d share this picture of various thickeners I’ve been trying with all kinds of surfactants, including Miracare Soft 313 (from Lotioncrafter).

I started these experiments in the summer, but I need to watch what I make for months and months as I never know what will happen over time in different temperatures, differing humidities, with difference fragrances or essential oils, and more. I can’t make something today and post it tomorrow as there are things that can look stable for a day or seven, but fall apart soon thereafter. (I love that Rheomer 33T so much! More about this soon!)

Okay, if I were to make a liquid conditioner with Incroquat BTMS-50 or lotion with Polawax, I could share tomorrow as I’ve created hundreds of those formulas, but add something new, and it needs watching.

So here’s the question – what did you make that morphed unexpectedly over time? Did weather, humidity, or temperature have an impact? How long do you wait before sharing or selling a formula? Share your thoughts!