Choose your suppliers wisely!

Please buy your supplies from reputable suppliers. I’m not saying people on eBay aren’t reputable, but you can’t be sure exactly what you are getting or the shelf life of the product when you’re buying a product from an intermediary. Things might be mislabelled – are you sure this is e-wax NF or cetearyl alcohol? – or they might not have been stored under optimum conditions, like the oft suggested cold, dark place. (As well, I’ve noticed the prices and shipping seem to be a bit on the high side from eBay, but that might not be representative…)

If you choose a supplier with good feedback and knowledge of their ingredients, your journey into making bath and body products will be all the more wonderful! Develop a relationship with the vendor – get to know their recipes and talk to them about suggested ingredients. I’m so lucky to have a number of great vendors local to me, and I feel I’ve learned so much from their advice and suggested uses for new or novel ingredients.

Check out the lists of suppliers in the FAQ (look to your right under links to lists!) for your geographic area. 
And for no reason, here’s a picture from last night’s Simpsons showing my two favourite shows colliding! Hodor!