You know you’re a hardcore formulating geek when…

…you lay awake thinking how you might design a fictional product you see see on TV, in this case a whisky infused lotion offered to Ron Swanson on Parks & Recreation during a bachelor party. I’m thinking something like the Aristoflex AVC lotion or Sepinov EMT 10 cream gel would be ideal for this kind of product.

It’s surprisingly hard to incorporate alcohol into lotions – read more in this post – so you could add a fragrance oil instead. Bay rum, champagne, peach Bellini are all so awesome, although as a teetotaler, I lean more towards root beer.

All of these are from Voyageur Soap & Candle. Click here for a disclaimer about my relationships with these suppliers.

Has pop culture inspired you in some way? Share your thoughts!

You may have noticed there have been a bunch of posts over the last few days…

We’re trying to get some essential things over from Patreon to this blog, so yesterday Raymond worked incredibly hard to get a whack of posts that relate to duplicating products here in anticipation of a duplicated product I have planned for a few days starting tomorrow. Thank you, Raymond, you awesome husband! You may also … Read more