Various & sundry things: Moisturizing for baldy heads, link to article, and the freezing point of urine

I am so bored lying here on the couch on my heating pad as my back pain continues. I went for an epidural on Saturday and have a second scheduled for this upcoming Saturday, but it’s still too painful to stand for more than a few minutes or sit for a while. I have another … Read more

Comments, foaming bath butter, and your thoughts on re-using containers

Holy cow! I’m away from the comments sections for a few days – I was teaching a Valentine’s Day class at Voyageur Soap & Candle on Saturday, and writing non-blog related things Sunday while resting my arm a bit and looking after Raymond, who’s fighting off some virus and feeling lousy – and you’ve all … Read more

These are a few of my favourite new things in 2017 – part two: surfactants

On December 31st, I shared with you a few of my favourite new ingredients from 2017. What else did I like? New favourite surfactant: Okay, this one is super hard as I have added at least 16 new surfactants to my workshop this year. How about I break it down into surfactant and surfactant blend? … Read more

These are a few of my favourite new ingredients in 2017 – part one

T I’ve more than 400 new ingredients – not including micas, colourants, glitters, fragrance oils, or essential iols – including so many new surfactants, surfactant thickeners, cold lotion emulsifiers, conditioners, cationic polymers, preservatives, humectants, silicones, esters, oils, butters, extracts & hydrosols, proteins, cosmeceuticals & complexes, emulsifiers, and more, some of which I have yet to inventory! … Read more