Member exclusive Q&A: What should be the pH of our finished products for fruit acid complex?

In the January Q&A, Marta asked: What is the recommended pH for a facial product containing fruit acid complex or willow bark extract? You have discussed concerns about a pH being too low in formulations containing (straight) alpha hydroxy acids or salicylic acid. Yet, should one be reducing the pH in a product containing fruit acid...

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Do you need to measure the pH of your products? If so, do you need a meter, or can the strips work just as well?

We took a look at various pH meters yesterday, so let’s ask the most important question of all today – Do you need a pH meter? And what’s the advantage of using a pH meter over pH strips? The first question should be – Do you need to measure the pH of your products? If you’re making … Read more

Long Weekend Wonderings: When to add Vitamin E and essential oils? How much fragrance or essential oil to use in a product?

WHEN SHOULD I ADD MY VITAMIN E AND ESSENTIAL OILS TO MY PRODUCTS?In this post on anti-oxidants, Rachel asks: Can you please let me know at what temp you would add Vitamin E and EOs to your lotion bar? I added Vit E at 65˚C and it started to set around the globules and was … Read more

Weekend Wonderings: pH with willow bark extract, using Optiphen ND with proteins or goat’s milk, and some administrative things

DOES WILLOW BARK EXTRACT NEED A LOWER pH?In this post on white willow bark, Heela asks: I wonder if this needs to be in a product that has a pH between 3-4 like traditional salicylic acid? Also, if it is in a higher pH formulation, does the salicylic acid become neutralized or can you drop the … Read more

(Long) Weekend Wonderings: Altering the pH of our products, freezing fragrance oils, and using butylene glycol as a co-preservative

ALTERING THE pH OF OUR PRODUCTSIn the Weekend Wonderings comment post, Liz asks: First off I have to say your blog is so informative- you are my bath and body hero! And I have a question for you, with summer coming up I wanted to make a sunless tanning lotion. I bought some Dihydroxyacetone and Erythrulose … Read more

Weekend Wonderings: Magacamianussol?, new ingredients, and the importance of pH in a shampoo

Have a weekend wondering? Have a question for which you can’t find an answer or something that’s been bugging you for weeks? Visit this post and share your weekend wondering with us! DOES ANYONE KNOW WHAT MAGACAMIANUSSOL MIGHT BE?In this post, Lise asks: Have you ever come across this ingredient: Magacamianussöl (from an ingredients list … Read more