What ingredients should you buy if you’re starting out? Anhydrous products!

Someone – sorry, can’t remember who – suggested I write some posts about what to buy when you’re starting out. This is a very big question, and it depends upon the product you’re making. Let’s take a look at anhydrous products.  Anhydrous means “without water”, so anhydrous products are ones we make with oil soluble … Read more

Vitamin E is NOT a preservative and you don’t have to add a preservative to an anhydrous product

Vitamin E is not a preservative. It is an anti-oxidant. An anti-oxidant will slow down the rancidity of your oils. A preservative prevents the contamination of your product by things like bacteria, yeast, or mold. Vitamin E will not prevent contamination of your products, but it will retard the rancidity of the oils in your … Read more

More posts for beginners!

I’ve noticed that quite a few beginners are visiting the blog – welcome! – so I thought I’d put together some beginner level posts to help you get addicted…ahem, I mean interested in this wonderful hobby of making bath & body products. I’ll be adding this permanently to the newbies section of the blog, and … Read more

Weekend Wonderings: Learning to make substitutions for ingredients and using decyl glucoside as a surfactant

I have to ask this question as well – if you are a beginner, why are you trying to make products from scratch? I’ve been getting quite a few e-mails and comments from people who are creating their own recipes and wondering why they won’t work. Please please please find a tried and true recipe … Read more