Members’ Q&A: Using different weights of hyaluronic acid? How to use sodium carbomer powder?

In the April Q&A, Sarah asked: I bought some sodium carbomer (powder, from Lotioncrafter) because I don’t yet have a pH meter, and liked the idea of something I didn’t need to neutralize. I have found one instance of you using Sodium Carbormer, in your recipe for cream-gel in your Cosmeceuticals vol. 2 e-zine; you recommend...

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Weekday Wonderings: Can I use Sepimax ZEN to thicken a facial cleanser so I can include dermabrasion crystals?

In this post, Modifying the facial cleanser even more with hydrolyzed proteins, Jamil asked:  Could I substitute Sepimax ZEN for the Crothix in the cleanser for oily skin recipe and then add dermabrasion crystals to make it a scrub? If so at what Percentage? The crystals did not stay suspended with Crothix.  Yes! Sepimax ZEN can … Read more

Recipes from the HSCG 2017 conference: Niacinamide & willow bark hydro-gel – part three, the recipe and modifications

Yesterday, we met a new gelling agent in the form of Sepinov EMT 10, and Monday we took a look at the ingredients we’re using in this recipe. Today, let’s look at the recipe and some modifications we can make to it! NIACINAMIDE & WILLOW BARK OIL FREE MOISTURIZER (HYDRO-GEL)WATER PHASE74.5% distilled water5% willow bark … Read more

Recipes from the HSCG 2017 conference: Niacinamide & willow bark hydro-gel – part two, all about Sepinov EMT 10

In yesterday’s post, we took a look at the ingredients to create a hydrating and oil free recipe with niacinamide and willow bark. Today, let’s take a look at this new gelling agent and what it offers. I’m using Sepinov EMT 10 as my gelling agent (INCI: Hydroxyethyl Acrylate / Sodium Acryloyldimethyl Taurate Copolymer). It’s a pre-neutralized polymer … Read more