Updates for the last Saturday of May! Royalty soaps, e-zine, health stuff, business hours, and a bit more…

Hi, everyone! Thought I’d share some updates about what’s going on around the blog! Hello to everyone who arrived here thanks to the link in the video from Royalty Soaps! Wow! I am so honoured that Katie Carson shared my site and e-books about shampoo bars! 🤗 Click here to see her Facebook page with a … Read more

If you live in BC, check out this free lunch & learn to make this!

Yesterday, I met with Shannon, who represents IMCD and bunch of great companies and products, like Zemea propanediol 1,3 , and she brought with her so many awesome products made with those ingredients, including this little gelled flower cleanser with mild surfactants from Ajinomoto. She asked if people would be interested in free lunch and … Read more