It’s on! Classes at Windy Point Soap Making Supplies in Calgary!

I am so excited to announce that’ll be teaching at Windy Point Soap Making Supplies in Calgary, Alberta, in September! From their site: We’ve updated our Class schedule to include Swiftcraftymonkey’s classes in September. She will be teaching: Sept 14: Liquid Hair Care (morning) & Foamy, Bubbly, Lathery Surfactants (afternoon) Sept 15: Cold Emulsifiers (afternoon) Sept … Read more

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Want to learn how to make creamy, decadent conditioners, eco friendly cleansers, luscious lotions, or exfoliating scrubs? Do you want to make shampoo bars, conditioner bars, body butters, and more? Then sign up for the upcoming classes newsletter to be amongst the first to know when I’m teaching in your part of the world! You … Read more

Welcome to August 2019

This year has gone by so fast, I can’t believe we’re past the mid-way point and almost into the Autumn-Sasja’s birthday-Raymond’s birthday-our anniversary-my birthday-Christmas-New Year’s stretch! I’m not great at planning for any event, but we just bought our first Christmas present. (In my defence, it was a perfect one-of-a-kind thing for someone we absolutely … Read more

Updates for the last Saturday of May! Royalty soaps, e-zine, health stuff, business hours, and a bit more…

Hi, everyone! Thought I’d share some updates about what’s going on around the blog! Hello to everyone who arrived here thanks to the link in the video from Royalty Soaps! Wow! I am so honoured that Katie Carson shared my site and e-books about shampoo bars! 🤗 Click here to see her Facebook page with a … Read more