Subscribers’ Q&A and Discussion: What’s the effective level of ingredients? And thought about using tiny amounts

Amber is on fire this week! In Potential duplication of L’Occitane Immortelle Divine Cream (part four), she shares: I have to agree with the rant about products that contain tiny bits of this and that. I always, always wonder what the effective level is of each ingredient? I know some things are very effective at very low...

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Discussion: What tools or small pieces of equipment rock your world? 

I admit that I’m a bit of a tool freak in the workshop. (Wow, that sounded way less suggestive in my head…) I love finding something that’ll make my life slightly easier when it comes to measuring, mixing, creating, testing, packaging, or anything else! One of my new favourite things is this giant fork from … Read more

Discussion: What would you love to try or can’t keep using due to cost?

I’m very aware of cost these days as I’m getting into more and more expensive cosmeceuticals or ECOcert ingredients, and as of yesterday, I’m working hard to share with you a rough estimate of how much less common ingredients and formulas may cost. I’m also really aware as a Canadian that there might be all … Read more

Discussion: What are your favourite ingredients? Top 5 oils or butters?

I was considering the discussion we had in this post – Discussion: What are your favourite ingredients? Lotions and facial products – and thought we should talk emollients! What are your top 5 oils or butters? I always tell this story in my classes and presentations…When I started making products, I’d see a formula like … Read more