How to log into the blog for members’ only posts and find e-zines or e-books. Please read this as it has a lot of information.

Okay, so here’s how to log into the blog! If you have an account with the blog, click the membership tab in the menu above, and look at your membership account.  Or can log in via your account under “buy courses & e-books” to find your membership account and e-zines/e-books you have under your name. … Read more

You may have noticed there have been a bunch of posts over the last few days…

We’re trying to get some essential things over from Patreon to this blog, so yesterday Raymond worked incredibly hard to get a whack of posts that relate to duplicating products here in anticipation of a duplicated product I have planned for a few days starting tomorrow. Thank you, Raymond, you awesome husband! You may also … Read more