Some thoughts on what you could do for an emulsified cucumber body butter (Polawax)

We’ve been having some fun re-creating a safer, more stable version of this terrible HGTV recipe for a homemade cucumber body butter, and I thought after making the Simulgreen 18-2 version yesterday we could finish this series up with a Polawax version! Let’s use this formula for a body butter, which you can find in … Read more

Some thoughts on what you could do for a 99% natural, emulsified cucumber body butter (Simulgreen 18-2)

If the idea of a cucumber body butter appeals to you, but you didn’t want to create the separated, contaminated mess we met in HGTV’s seriously awful recipe, join me now to make an emulsified body butter using a few different cucumber extracts. We took a look at making anhydrous or non-water containing formulas for … Read more

Members’ exclusive: Making a micellar water with cucumber hydrosol

I’ve absolutely fallen in love with cucumber hydrosol, and have been using it in my micellar waters and toners for a while now to get that crisp fragrance and soothing properties. It’s incredibly simple to use it in either product by substituting 10% to 20% cucumber hydrosol for any other hydrosol or in place of...

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Some thoughts on what you could do for a cucumber body butter – anhydrous whipped butters

Let’s say the horrible recipe we met Saturday for a homemade cucumber body butter sounded appealing to you, but you don’t want it to separate or become contaminated in a few days, what could you do? If you wanted to make an anhydrous or non-water containing whipped butter with just oils and butters, you could use … Read more

Another installment of “for the love of God, please don’t make this!” – HGTV’s homemade cucumber body butter

Why does Mother’s Day bring out the worst possible formulas for bath & body products from companies who have no business sharing them? Last year we had the wet tea leaf contamination extravaganza from David’s Tea: This year, HGTV put out this recipe for “homemade cucumber body butter”. You can find my post from Facebook … Read more