Administrative stuff: Clarification about the old blog, new blog, and new site

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about this blog and the new site, so I thought I’d address them here.

1. The old blog isn’t going anywhere. (That’s the one you read at What you see there is what will remain here for the most part. We simply can’t import more than 2,900 posts over and make sure the links all work, plus there are some great conversations in the comments that I don’t want to stop and great ideas that should be shared.

2. The new blog – this one on which you’re reading this – is a work in progress. We are slowly moving over some things to be part of the resources section of the blog to make it easier to find things, like a beginners’ section or ingredients. (This will be referred to as the “new blog” or “new site”.)

3. Everything I write from January 1, 2018, onward will be housed over here. I will post links to posts as well as weekly digests on this, the old blog, so you can find them, especially if you’re a subscriber by e-mail.

4. I will be linking to the old blog when I write posts on the new blog as I have always done. When I write about olive oil, for instance, you’ll see a link back to the olive oil post in the emollients section, and so on.

5. Some of the posts – those labelled “Patreon” – will only be accessible by people who subscribe to the blog through Patreon at $1 or higher. They are the ones paying for the site, the blog, and the Disqus commenting system, as well as keeping it all ad, pop up, sponsor, and affiliate link free, so there will be exclusive posts for them. I originally conceived of this new site as being for Patreon subscribers to find material I’ve been posting for them over the last 18 months, but I decided to open the site to everyone as it didn’t make sense to have two blogs going at the same time.

6. Everyone is welcome over here, and as you can see from the two digests of links I’ve shared already on the old blog – January 1st to 7th and January 8th to 12th, – there are loads of posts for non-Patreon subscribers.

7. I will still get notifications on comments you make on the old blog, but I don’t know if I will have time to respond much. The new blog has a very active community of commenters already – which is incredibly exciting – and, as I said in this post, I need to be a part of something like this to recharge my batteries, to connect me with people who love what I love so much, and to give me ideas on what to write about next. I encourage you to join us over there and share your thoughts on all kinds of topics!

I can’t stress enough how important it is to be part of a thriving community of commenters. So many times in 2017 I thought about shutting all of this down, about making the old blog private for only a few people to access as I was getting so sick and tired of plagiarizers and others taking and taking and taking, and it was the interaction with the few people who commented on the old blog and the many who comment on Patreon that preventing me from doing it. 

Thank you to all of you who have been commenting and sharing here. It doesn’t matter what your experience level might be, you have something to contribute!

I hope this has addressed any questions you might have about the new and old blog. Please share your thoughts or questions in the comments below!

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