Newbie Tuesday: Gels, gels gels! Lavender & chamomile oil free gel moisturizer for normal skin types

You shared your opinion here, by e-mail, and on my new Facebook page for the blog, so we’ll be spending a few more weeks on creating gelled products with Ultrez 20 and Sepimax ZEN.  Last week we took a look at adapting a toner to become a gelled toner by incorporating Ultrez 20 into your recipe. … Read more

Newbie Tuesday: Gels, gels, gels! Making a gelled toner with Ultrez 20

Last week, we met our gelling agents – Ultrez 20, a carbomer that has to be neturalized with something like triethanolamine or 18% lye, and Sepimax Zen, a pre-neutralized polymer. We’ll play with Ultrez 20 this week and Sepimax Zen next week. There are two ways to make something with Ultrez 20: You can add … Read more