Newbie Tuesday: Creating a facial toner (part four) – adding cosmeceuticals

Yesterday we took a look at cosmeceuticals and a few that we could incorporate into our toners. Today we’ll create a few recipes you can try at home! Let’s say you liked this simple toner for dry skin with rose water and cucumber, what could we add to this mix? Quick note: This toner is … Read more

Newbie Tuesday: Creating a facial toner (part three) – introduction to cosmeceuticals

When last we met – which was a while ago, sorry! – we were looking at modifying a basic toner recipe using humectants, hydrolyzed proteins, cationic polymers, and more. This week I’d like to take a look at modifying the recipe further using what we call cosmeceuticals. What’s a cosmeceutical? They’re “cosmetic products with properties very similar … Read more

A few resources that might interest you today about salicylic acid and acne

I found a few resources that might interest you if you’re interested in learning more about formulating with salicylic acid in your products, something I’ll be discussing as we get back to making toners in the Newbie Tuesday series on facial products, which starts again on Monday, January 16th. What you see here is willow … Read more