Newbie Tuesday: Turning your cleanser into an exfoliating cleanser with chemical exfoliants in the form of powdered extracts

I know sometimes when people see the word “chemical” they stress out, but it shouldn’t! The word chemical only means “something that contains elements“, which is to say everything on earth. Your hair, your window, your cup of tea, arsenic, mushrooms – everything on earth is a chemical. So when we talk about chemical exfoliants, … Read more

Newbie Tuesday on Wednesday: Turning your cleanser into an exfoliating cleanser (part two)

How do we turn the facial cleanser with botanical extracts (part three) into an exfoliating cleanser by adding a physical exfoliant? I’m so glad you asked! Check out the first part of this post by clicking this link, or scroll down to see the other posts in this series. HONEY, CHAMOMILE & CUCUMBER FACIAL CLEANSER … Read more