A few thoughts for the last Sunday in February: Thickening lotions, measuring by weight, dissolving liquids

A few points of interest for the last Sunday in February… I’ve been asked to write a monthly column for Handmade magazine, and the first one just came out – The Science Behind Citrus! I just received my copy on Friday, and I’m thrilled to bits about it! For those of you asking about my back, … Read more

Emulsifiers: Aristoflex AVC – light lotion with NAG, ceramides, and quaternized rice

I don’t know if you noticed, but I seem to be having a torrid love affair with this new emulsifier, Aristoflex AVC, which can create lotions and gels cold! N-acetyl glucosamine (NAG) It is a bio-identical ingredient that can reduce hyperpigmentation in the skin, and has been shown to work well when combined with niacinamide. It … Read more

Emulsifiers: Aristoflex AVC – a facial serum with Vitamin C and ferulic acid

I liked yesterday’s lotion and I really liked last week’s lotion with Aristoflex AVC. But there are more experiments to be done, so let’s take a look at a Vitamin C and ferulic acid serum made with this new emulsifier! The main ingredients in this recipe are ferulic acid and Vitamin C, a combination that … Read more

Emulsifiers: Aristoflex AVC – a light lotion with pumpkin seed oil, allantoin and bull kelp bioferment

I’ve been in the workshop playing with Aristoflex AVC, a new to me all-in-one emulsifier that creates gels and light lotions at only 1%! It’s also a cold emulsifier, meaning no heating required, which is why I can make 8 in one day! On Thursday, I introduced you to a moisturizer with moringa seed oil … Read more

Formulating a foaming facial cleanser good for lash extensions – version #2

We took a look at a foaming facial cleanser that might be good for lash extensions yesterday, and I thought we’d look at another version today. WITCH HAZEL & MARSHMALLOW FOAMING FACE AND LASH CLEANSER58.5% distilled ater10% foaming soy surfactant10% witch hazel5% cocamidopropyl betaine5% marshmallow extract5% white tea extract (liquid)2% panthenol2% quaternized rice (or another … Read more