Weekend Wonderings: Do we need to use Vitamin E? Is the preservative and fragrance part of the 100%?

In this post, Lotions: A basic recipe, Helga asks: 1) does lotion need vitamin E? 2) is the percentage of preservative and fragrance based on the absolute total produced with those included or of the foundation of the recipe without those?  I include Vitamin E for two reasons. The first is because it’s lovely for your … Read more

Weekend Wonderings: Why use three surfactant blends in products?

In this post, Surfactants: A conditioning shampoo with SCI for normal to oily hair, Fatima asks: Can you tell me why another surfactant is needed? Wouldn’t this work perfectly fine with just the two? Great question! We use different surfactants blended together because each brings something different to the mix. Take a look at decyl … Read more