More questions about preservatives! Is citric acid a preservative? And how much preservative should I use?

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Question: Why would you leave out preservatives for sensitive skin? What do I mean by “water”?

Sarah asks in this post, Lotions: Making a cream: I made an unscented cream yesterday for my friend with very sensitive skin. I left the cream in the bowl over night with a stainless steel spoon in it. Today I noticed on one side of the spoon the cream has been discoloured (purple in colour). From … Read more

One ingredient, ten products: Sunflower oil – the summary

What have we learned over the last little while about using sunflower oil in our products? We’ve learned that sunflower oil contains linoleic acid, which helps repair skin’s barrier mechanisms and helps prevent transepidermal water loss (TEWL); oleic acid, which softens and moisturizes skin; and phytosterols, which reduce inflammation and itching as well as TEWL.We’ve learned sunflower oil feels light … Read more

Weekend Wonderings: Why can’t I use Germaben II with an emulsifed scrub? Can I use the deodorant additive in a solid scrub bar?

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