Raspberry oil!

I’m a big fan of being local – shopping at local stores, using local ingredients, supporting local crafters – and I was so excited to see raspberry oil on sale at some of our suppliers! I live in the Fraser Valley, and we’re known for our berries – raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, and others – and … Read more

Weekend Wonderings: It’s not easy being green…

I’ve seen quite a few comments and e-mails recently from people asking about making products with greener ingredients, like this one from Lucy: I STILL (!) haven’t been able to make a shampoo with greenish ingredients that doesn’t irritate my scalp. Tried the taurates/ isethionate but when I tried decyl & coco betaine…not cleansing enough…help..what can … Read more

Weekend Wonderings: How do I research ingredients and make decisions about what ingredients to use?

In this post, Newbie links, Shawna asks: Is there a post on how/why you started making your own beauty products? If not I was just curious as to what started your journey. Just because… or did you want control over the ingredients in your skin care? I’ve noticed that you include some ingredients that are included in … Read more

What interests you? How do lotions stay white when using all those extracts?

In the Still collecting your thoughts! post, Carl asks: How can the producers of cosmetics (ex. lotions) add all the different plant extracts to their formulas and still keep the product white without using titanium dioxide? Not all plant extracts are heavily coloured! Take a look at this container of green tea extract (oil soluble) from … Read more