Weekend Wonderings: How can we make a nice body oil from an oil cleansing method oil? Can we replace all the water in the heated water phase? And how do we add humectants to an anhydrous product?

HOW CAN WE MAKE A NICE BODY OIL FROM AN OIL CLEANSING METHOD OIL?In this post on the oil cleansing method, Carol asks: Your comment “Although I imagine it might make a nice body oil!” has encouraged me to ask this question…to make a body oil would you change the percentages or oils used in anyway? … Read more

Weekend Wonderings: The search is working again! How much does the shelf life increase when we add anti-oxidants? Will Leucidal work with sugar scrubs?

THE SEARCH ENGINEIn this post on Emulsifiers: Making a simpler Lotionpro 165 body butter Lise asks: Search function is working on my blog again- I just dropped in to search for something on yours and can’t find it. Did you take it down? I did take the search down because I was growing tired of … Read more