Weekend Wonderings: Difference between carbomer vs. acrylates/C10-30 alkyl acrylate crosspolymer? What conditioner can I use for very fine hair? What’s the difference between dilution and ratio?

Still suffering from this horrible cold, although my throat is feeling better and my skin doesn’t hurt so much. I keep drinking vast quantities of chicken soup and honey & lemon tea and spraying my throat with echinacea while sucking on zinc tablets, and I think it’s all working. I’m sure the rest isn’t hurting … Read more

Weekend Wonderings: When should you use a preservative? How to avoid dirty heels with lotion bars? How to tell if something’s gone rancid?

I love Saturday mornings. I see comments come in all week, but this is the morning I get to write about what I was thinking. It’s great fun, and I love to see how you respond. I’m sick. I have the September back-to-school cold and I’m grumpy and annoyed about it. I spent yesterday in … Read more