Thursday Wonderings: How does cetearyl ethylhexanoate feel? Do I need to preserve my coconut milk shampoo?

In this post on cetearyl ethylhexanoate, seventh77 asks: Is it as dry, drier, or less dry than BTMS-50? I find BTMS-50 to be far too drying for my skin. I like the powdery feel, but it leaves my skin feeling dry and not moisturized. I don’t like greasy or oily feeling creams, but if cetearyl ethylhexanoate is … Read more

Tuesday Wonderings: Is glyceryl stearate an all-in-one emulsifier? If not, what can I do with it?

In this post, You don’t need to use the HLB system for all-in-one emulsifiers, Nicole asks: Can you help me out with a ‘self emulsifying wax’ I purchased which is listed as Glyceryl Stearate & Potassium Stearate (MSDS < 96 Glyceryl Stearate, < 7 Glycerine, < 3 Postassium Stearate). I thought his was an all in … Read more

Monday Wonderings: The difference between a conditioner with BTMS and a lotion with BTMS?

Whew! It’s been a crazy few weeks with loads of youth programs, tons of work, and a chemistry final on the 16th for which I was studying quite a bit. I spent the weekend lounging about playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf, and feeling really guilty that I wasn’t running about getting things done, but I’m … Read more