Weekend Wonderings: Compensating for evaporation, adding water soluble ingredients to a serum, and citronellyl methylcrotonate.

WHAT HAPPENS TO THE OTHER INGREDIENTS WHEN THEY EVAPORATE DURING HEAT AND HOLD?In this Weekend Wonderings comment post, Anitra asks: This one’s related to our heated water phases; When compensating for evaporation, do we need to compensate for any of the goodies (panthenol, glycerine, aloe, etc.) added to the heated water phase as well? Or … Read more

Weekend Wonderings: Oils good for our hair, what does “neat” mean, and how do we stop whipped butters from melting in the heat?

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Weekend Wonderings: Compensation for evaporation, Polawax as a possible replacement for beeswax, and using Epsom salts in bath bombs

Have something you want to ask? Visit the Weekend Wondering comment post and ask away!  COMPENSATION FOR EVAPORATION AFTER HEATING AND HOLDINGIn an e-mail, Brittany asks: I’ve struggled with the heating of the water phase for a while now. You suggest to heat the water phase for 20 minutes, but to add more than the … Read more

Weekend wonderings: Preserving fresh fruit in products, measuring pH in a conditioner, and determining if an old oil is bad

PRESERVING FRESH FRUIT IN SUGAR SCRUBSIn this post about honeysuckle extract, Monique asks: Can you use this to preserve fresh puree fruits in sugar scrubs? No. You can’t use this type of powdered honeysuckle extract as a preservative. There is a type of honeysuckle extract that you might be able to use as a preservative, as … Read more