Facial scrubs: Creating the base of an oil based scrub – specific examples for oily or acne prone skin

In all honesty, those of us with oily or acne prone skin should probably stay away from oil based scrubs and stick to using water based or surfactant based scrubs. If you really want to use one, consult a good list of comedogenic ingredients, formulate something really simple (one or two oils maximum), and keep a … Read more

Garnier Fructis Haircare Fall Fight line of products: The shampoo

What’s the deal with Garnier Fructis Haircare Fall Fight Fortifying Shampoo For Falling, Breaking Hair product line? It seems like everyone at the pool is using them (possibly because they got free samples…) Here’s the marketing stuff…Strengthen Hair from The Inside Out to Reduce BreakageSave up to 1500 strands of hair per month**Fuller-looking hair after … Read more

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from all of us at Point of Interest, including the kids to whom you have been making all those wonderful donations! I hope you’re spending today with people you love eating food you like. I hope you are somewhere warm and comfortable and happy. I hope you are smiling and laughing and singing … Read more